Baby Pugs From Hell


You'll face various foes on your journey.


Ninja Cat

The Hero

The Ninja Cat was minding its own business when the Hell Pugs invaded. It uses its ninja skills and weapons to defeat its enemies.


Hell Pug Warrior

Melee Madness

The Hell Pug Warrior is the most common Hell Pug. It attacks with a strong chomp.


Hell Pug Ranger

Ranged Riot

The Hell Pug Ranger is the rarer type of Hell Pug. It attacks by throwing bones.


Hell Pug Boss

The Big One

The Hell Pug Boss is the leader of the Hell Pugs. It's extremely hard to defeat.

Game Trailer

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Full game releasing in 2021!

Choose your fighting style!

Each character has a melee weapon and a ranged weapon.


Ninja Cat Melee: Katana

Once you get close to your opponent, left-click to slice through them with ease.
Each slice inflicts 5 damage points.


Ninja Cat Ranged: Shuriken

Aim your cursor at the enemy and right-click to throw a sharp shuriken at them.
Each landed projectile inflicts 10 damage points


Hell Pug Melee: Chomp

Don't let the Hell Pug get too close, or it will chomp down on the Ninja Cat with excessive force.
Each chomp inflicts 10 damage points


Hell Pug Ranged: Projectile Bone

Some Hell Pugs have weak jaws, so they throw bones at the Ninja Cat instead.
Each landed bone inflicts 5 damage points.

Developer Interview

Get the inside scoop on Baby Pugs From Hell directly from the developers:
Josh Han, Ryan Seidl, and Jason Yoon.

Design Elements

The ins and outs of the game.


Player Objectice

The goal of the Ninja Cat is to figure out why the Hell Pugs are invading Earth, and to put a stop to their evil plans! The player knows when they have completed this goal when they defeat the Hell Pug Boss.


Weapon Mechanics

The Ninja Cat has a limited supply of 5 shurikens, so the player will have to find reloads around the level. Shurikens can be fired at a rate of 1 per 5 seconds.


Character Mechanics

The Ninja Cat has a special cloaking ability that allows it to go invisible for 10 seconds. This ability then has a cooldown of 3 minutes. The Ninja Cat has 30 HP, and if that number reaches 0, the player will have to restart the level.


Environmental Mechanics

There are multiple secret areas hidden throughout the game that can be found by breaking certain walls. Try to find them all!



Aside from the first level, the player enters into each new level at the direct ending of the previous level. In the first level, the player starts off at the Ninja Cat's house and ends when the Ninja Cat gets abducted. Then, the second level begins in the UFO directly after the Ninja Cat is abducted.


Weapons and Resources

The player will find many objects lying around to assist them in combat. For example, the player may find sticks of dynamite, which can be used against the Hell Pugs. Additionally, the Ninja Cat and Hell Pugs each have a melee and a ranged weapon.


Character Progression

Each level has 3 zones, and the player must defeat all the enemies in a zone in order to continue. After completing all 3 zones, the player will be faced with a boss fight.


Extra Activities &
General Rules

For extra activities, the player will be able to compete in optional minigames throughout their journey. For general rules, the player starts off with 3 lives, but can gain more by grabbing hearts hidden in levels. If the player runs out of lives, they are forced to restart the game from the beginning.