Deep inside the foliage of the Amazon Rainforest lived an ordinary monkey. Each day, the monkey did ordinary monkey things: swinging from trees, eating bananas, and messing with the other animals in the rainforest. One day, during an intense storm, a lightning bolt struck something out of the sky. The monkey approached the mysterious object and discovered that it was a hang glider.

The monkey was scared of the hang glider at first, so he threw it away. Upon doing so, he observed that it glided through the trees instead of instantly falling. This gave the monkey an idea. He brought the hang glider to the highest tree in the Amazon and jumped off. Before long, the monkey glided all the way to Rio de Janeiro. He landed in the backyard of a boy who named the monkey "Monke".

Monke escaped from the boy's backyard in the middle of the night. He didn't like the idea of being held captive. He immediately climbed atop the nearest mountain and again jumped off with the hang glider. As he had done before, he dropped into another backyard. Instead of being captured like last time, he destroyed everything in sight before once again running away. Monke liked causing commotions, so he devoted his life to gliding onto properties and destorying things. He built up a bad reputation in Rio, and eventually developed a police record. Monke is wanted for over 1,000 crimes throughout the city, including grand theft and arson. To this day he continues to cause problems in Rio.